Welcome to the New REALITY Party (NRP) website

The New REALITY Party wants to change the entire world one country, one government or one political party at a time

It's Time for a NEW REALITY

The New REALITY Party believes it is time for EVERY government to acknowledge that we, the people, will no longer allow governments to control what we do, think or say. We want honest, truthful, open and good government. We expect our leaders to put aside their own ambitions and truly work for our benefit. We will not accept corruption. We will not accept less than we deserve!

We also believe that it is time for governments and politicians to truly embrace REALITY and to govern accordingly.

Realities we all need to accept

  • There is no philosophy that taken to it's extreme will continue to be true in all circumstances.
  • It is impossible to be both Pro-Job and also Anti-Business. Jobs are created by businesses, therefore to be Pro-Job you must also be Pro-Business
  • There is no God and therefore there should be a clear separation of church and state. However, every person has the right to choose to believe in a God if that is what they wish.
  • People are not the same. We are individuals. We have equal rights, but we must be allowed to choose our own path in life.
  • We are not perfect, and never will be, but that will not stop us from attempting to improve.
  • Men and women are different. We are equals, but in many ways, we think and act differently, and have different preferences, strengths and weaknesses.
  • We must accept the fact that all Humans still have basic, primitive instincts and modern life should take this into account.

The New REALITY Party is a world wide party, and as such we are interested and engaged in the fight for Human Rights in all countries. While we are not a registered political party in any country, we will endorse any party in any country that upholds our ideals, and when appropriate, we will support, promote or even register a political party in countries we feel we can make a difference in.

The New REALITY Party needs the support of every person who wishes to improve this world. Please join us and show your support for world wide change. Join the working group for your country and get involved. We need your time and your support.

We are working on a list of the improvements that must be made on a country by country basis. Please have a look at the list for your country and join the working group if possible. While there is currently no country on Earth that does not need improvement in the way it is governed most of the First World countries are at least reasonably close.... but they still need improvement.

Basic Human Rights

We believe every citizen on our planet is absolutely entitled to the following rights and freedoms:
  • The right to free speech
  • The right to live in peace
  • The right to a decent and true education
  • Freedom to choose where to live
  • The right to self determination
  • The right to free assembly
  • Freedom from hunger
  • The right to basic medical care
  • Freedom from discrimination based
    on race, sex, language, age, sexual preference or religion
Further, we believe that the function of all governments is to provide these basic needs and extend as many other freedoms to their people as possible. Governments shall not restrict individuals from engaging in actions they choose unless it is reasonable to assume those actions would infringe on the rights of other individuals. Further, the role of government is to make available to all it's citizens the basic amenities such as food, clothing, shelter, basic and continuing education, and other necessities of modern life, and such amenities should be affordable to all citizens.

Rights are tempered by limits

The New REALITY Party believes in reality. While all citizens of Earth should be extended every freedom possible, there are limits to those rights.

  • We believe in Free Speech, however the right of Free Speech includes responsibility for that speech. You have the right to say it, but you also accept the liability for your words. Persons that promote hatred or discrimination against any person or group should be held liable for their words.
  • You have the right to live as you please (the right to self determination), but this right does not extend to endangering other people, and an individuals rights shall not take precedence over the rights of others.
  • Adults have the right to marry anyone they wish, as long as all parties are consenting adults, but this right does not extend to coercing or forcing someone into marriage, whether through force or religious belief.

People with Authority should be held to higher standards

  • We believe that those who choose to run for office must be truthful and have higher moral standards than the general population
  • Authority figures such as police should be subject to much higher penalties if they break the laws they are enforcing on other people
  • Any offence against children should be punished harshly, but persons in positions of authority such as principals, teachers and sport coaches should be subject to much higher penalties than the general population
  • Any person abusing their position of power should be immediately removed from that position
  • Corruption of any kind can not be tolerated

We believe in equality under the Law

  • Wealth, Power, and Influence should have no bearing on enforcement of the law
  • We believe the current system of fines for breaking minor laws is very discriminatory against the poor and middle class. Therefore, we believe that all fines should be based on a percentage of your income; Not on a fixed amount. As an example a parking fine might be $100. That $100 is a fortune to a poor person, but is an insignificant amount for someone earning millions of dollars a year. However, if the fine was 1% of your yearly income, it would be a deterrent to both persons. We believe every fine should be converted to a percentage of income with perhaps a minimum amount.

We believe in Capitalism

  • But Capitalism that works for everyone, including the poor and downtrodden